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Welcome to the East Peoria Chamber of Commerce!

The East Peoria Chamber of Commerce is a strong network of more than 400 diverse businesses and nonprofit organizations. Founded in 1948 by local business leaders, the Chamber today is an independent organization that supports and advocates for enlightened economic growth in the greater East Peoria area.

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Spotlight Members of the Week:

Congratulations to our Spotlight Members of the week, Vision Care Center & Guilty Pleasures Cupcake Bakery!

"At Vision Care Center, we work tirelessly to help provide you with the eye care you deserve. We take it on ourselves to make sure that we have the latest in eye care technology, and we always take into account your needs to help provide you with a truly meaningful experience. Both of our locations are equipped to diagnose and treat a range of eye conditions, including dry eyemyopiaglaucoma, and digital eye strain. Whatever your eye problem may be, we can help find the right care you need to get you back to seeing as clearly as possible."
"In 2019, Guilty Pleasures Cupcake Bakery opened its first location in East Peoria in the Levee District. In 2015, Guilty Pleasures Cupcake Bakery originated out of the owner’s home. Lisa Friebohle and her husband, Drew thoughtfully expanded the bakery from their home to a storefront. Lisa’s vision was to have a location where individuals and their families could stop in and stay to enjoy their cupcakes and beverages and spend quality time with their families in a fun and relaxing environment, along with a take-out order service. Feel free to browse our website to find out more about our bakery."

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